The Roth IRA Conversion: Why & How to Use This Strategy in Your Retirement Planning

Roth IRA conversions have emerged as a compelling strategy in retirement planning, offering a range of benefits and opportunities. Converting your tax-deferred retirement plans to a Roth IRA can be a strategic move, particularly for individuals seeking tax diversification, potential long-te …

Retirement Savings Tips for Different Stages of Life

Fifty six percent of Americans in the workforce don’t feel they’re where they should be with their retirement savings, according to a study performed by Bankrate.1Being prepared for retirement is important, and financial experts recommend saving as early as possible to ensure you’re prepare …

Choosing the Right Retirement Accounts: IRA vs. 401(k)

There are many things to consider when thinking about retirement. First and foremost, it’s important to choose the right kind of retirement accounts and plan how best to fund your lifestyle after you stop working. Typically, investors have three common types of retirement accounts to choose …

6 Signs It’s Time to Ditch DIY Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a journey that generally takes decades to complete and most of us start out along the do-it-yourself path. More than likely, your first step was to enroll in an employer-provided plan such as a 401(k) or setting up an individual retirement account, also known as an IRA.

4 Moves You Can Make with Your Old 401(k)

By Matt Kory, Vice President, Retirement Programs   Changing careers is an emotional move – there’s excitement for the new opportunity, sadness about leaving your favorite coworkers behind, depression if you weren’t ready to leave, worry about how to financially bridge the unemployment …

Your Retirement Planning Starter Pack

Although there are some basic guidelines, your financial life is as unique as your fingerprint. Your lifestyle, goals, family situation, risk tolerance and even your wildest dreams will give a unique signature to your portfolio. Let’s look at a few of the starting points today for a healthy …

Yes, You Can Make a Solid Long-Term Care Plan: Here’s How and Why It’s Important

By Matt Lewis, CLTC®, Vice President, Insurance In today’s world it’s fair to say that most reasonable people believe they are going to live a long life. And when you live a long life, it’s also fair to say that sooner or later, we’re going to need some form of care.

Every Medicare Coverage Option, Explained

By Nathaniel McKissick Reaching 65 years of age is a huge milestone, and certainly one worth celebrating. You’ve reached the venerable golden years of your life and you’re nearing retirement. However, a deadline comes along with this revered milestone. It’s time to enroll in Medicare.

Understanding the Basics of Long-Term Care Insurance

By Nathaniel McKissick No one likes getting old, it’s true. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life, and about as certain as taxation. According to the Administration on Aging, 70% of people 65 or older will require long-term care in some capacity.[1] This care can be day care or an assisted liv …

Medicare and Managing Health Care Costs in Retirement

Health care costs in retirement aren’t going anywhere. Naturally, as our bodies get older, it costs more to keep them running. And with U.S. health care spending expected to rise at a rate 1.1% faster than the annual GDP, this cost will come home to our pockets. Statistics like this m …

Medicare Time – Now What? Things to Know as You Start Out

By Matt Lewis, CLTC®, Vice President, Insurance You’re turning 65 this year and Medicare is on your mind. Medicare is a subset of Social Security and run by the Social Security Administration. In my experience, it may be almost as complicated as the Internal Revenue Code! With that said, le …

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