Valorem is the Latin word value.

Valorem Financial was born out of a desire to provide a high level of service and value for the clients who entrust us with their financial goals.

With that in mind two firms became one to build a team-based approach to best execute our mission, to inspire our clients in making informed decisions through education, connection, communication and service which exceeds their expectations. In this united approach we believe we are providing our clients with an enhanced version of ourselves.

Our History

With like principles, Valorem was founded by Ted Swenson and Kim Gieseler through a merging of their personal planning practices. Ted and Kim are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and provide twenty plus years of industry experience and knowledge as the foundation for which our team is built from. As a team we work together to craft a financial strategy that enables you to enjoy the rewards of your hard work today, while preparing you for the days ahead.

Not only do we believe it is important to provide value and service to our clients, but also to our community. At Valorem Financial we also aim to give back to our great state and local communities through service and charitable giving to a number of causes we each hold close to our hearts.

Core Values

In order to provide value, you have to build a basis of your own beliefs and values. Our core principles are: